Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jack's Top 10 Cutest Sayings

Jackson has been talking up a storm lately. Sometimes he says things that just make you smile. Here is my top 10 cutest things he has said lately in no particular order:
Oh No!
B-I-B-L-E (the song)
Hook 'Em!

It also melts your heart to hear him say everyone's names: Mommy, Daddy, MomMom, Ba, Nana, Paw- Paw, Meme, JoJo, G, Beau, Ca, Syd, Emmy, CiCi, Maggie, Aydy (Brady), Ella, Hay, Amy, Donna....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

Well, I started back to work today. So sad! No more playgroups at the pool, running errands during the day, and relaxing with Jackson during the day (except weekends) for a long time. It was good to see my friends at work and I am looking forward to seeing my kiddos and getting new kiddos next week. At least we can get in our rooms and they are clean this year. No new carpet, ceiling tiles, or other renovations this summer to keep us out until the weekend before school starts this year. It won't be so stressful this year. Jackson had a great day with Ba. He didn't cry when I left and was happily playing with MomMom when I got home. He wanted to show us all his toys. MomMom set up his tent in the living room and he had a big time. He was very excited to have pancakes, sausage and an egg for breakfast. No more waffle and canned peaches for him now that MomMom has something to say about it. I hope that he continues to behave himself for Ba and they have another great year.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Folly Beach

Grandpa Ba, MomMom, Jack, JoJo, & Emmy hanging at the beach the first day.

Jack digging at 9:00 pm on our walk.

Mr. Cool and his bubbles!

Liz, JoJo, CiCi,G, Jack, Mommy, MomMom, Ba, and Daddy had a great time celebrating birthdays.

Jack loved to help blend our yummy drinks!

When we first arrived at the beach the house we rented for the week was awful! It advertised two full bathrooms. By that, they meant one yucky full bathroom/ laundry room upstairs and one bathroom downstairs next to where you park the cars. It looked like it was the public bathroom for all of Charleston. It was so gross!!! The shower was completely corroded and I won't even go into what the toilet looked like. Agghhh!!! After unpacking two cars, Dad went back to the rental place and told them ever so nicely that the house was not acceptable. After an hour or so he was satisfied when they gave us a nice new, much larger house, with 3 1/2 bathrooms ... for a discounted rate. What a relief! We didn't even mind loading and unloading the car again. The new house is wonderful!!!
Jackson loves the beach! He likes his "house" (tent) and loves to dig in the sand. He even likes to stop and dig at 9:00 pm on our evening walk. He is warming up to the waves, but isn't crazy about the water yet. That is fine by me since we saw a baby shark on the beach right in front of our house the first morning we were here. It was still alive and a lady threw it back in the water. I am sure his huge parents were happy to have their baby back. I am terrified of sharks!!! Jack loves surf boards and is in luck with a surf camp in front of our house in the mornings. Cousin CeCe got him a little surfboard and he stands on it and falls to the ground. Hours of entertainment!!! He loves watching Daddy and Ba ride the waves on their rafts.

MeMe and Family

Fun at the kitchen table with G and Memes.

First corn on the cob. Mmmmm!

Emmy and Jenny smiling pretty.

The Three Carter Kiddos all grown up.....kind of.

Emmy and JoJo teaching Jack about all things Southern.

The girls in matching shirts. How cute are we???

Buddy, MeMe, and MomMom on the back porch.

MJ with Aunt Florence

Check out the ups on Aunt Florence's dog!

Meme has the coolest dancing flowers!

I love my MeMe!

JoJo and G are so much fun!

Pretty is is pretty does!

JoJo and Cousin Em

We arrived in SC safely and Jack was very excited to see MeMe. We had been practicing saying her name by looking at her picture before we left Dallas and she was thrilled he could say her name. She kept pointing to herself and asking "Jack, who's this?" and to her great delight he would always answer MeMe. He would also answer MeMe to any other question she asked him, but what can you do.

Meme's next door neighbors have two roosters in their backyard. They start announcing morning at about 4:30 AM. Did I mention I hate roosters!!! Jack, however, loves them. He awakes with a smile (at 4:30AM) and says doo or doodle. It is really cute. The Wiggles sing a song that goes Quack, quack, quack, quack, cock-a-doodle-doo..... and they move their arms up and down like duck wings and put their hand on their head for the rooster part. It is Jack's new favorite song and wants everyone to sing it and do the motions all the time.

Jackson experienced his first South Carolina peach and his first corn on the cob this week. He loves them, but still wants the peaches in the cup too. We went to the peach shed and got fresh peaches twice and made the best peach pie. We also made my favorite Southern dish- fried okra. Yummy! I am not going to fit into my clothes when I get back.

Jack got to meet his Uncle Virgil for the first time and he sure loves his "G" as he calls him. He also is loving his Aunt JoJo who has taught him to say VaVaVoom! His Mother's Day Out teacher is going to think he is the strangest child this fall. He has charmed my cousins Emmy and Cindy (CeCe) by saying their names and flirting with them. Uncle Buddy and Aunt Jenny think Jack is a sweet little boy too. Uncle Buddy bought Jack a blow-up pool for the backyard at MeMe's house. Jack liked it so much he immediately got in and pooped in it. Of course we had not taken the time to put a swim diaper on him yet. A few minutes and a few Lysol wiped later, it was good as new.

MeMe can't believe how much Jackson will eat. He ate his weight in samples on a Costco run and she is still talking about it. Jack will definitely let you know what he wants and does not want (sometimes very loudly). What happened to my little baby? He is such a toddler now. MeMe has told everyone how he says Amen after a prayer. She thinks her great grandson is pretty special. He loves his MeMe too!

Road Trip

We made it to Memphis after a fairly smooth eight hours in the car. We enjoyed tasty ribs two nights in a row, went to Graceland, and swam in the hotel pool several times. We also checked out Beale Street and listened to some music. The world famous Peabody Hotel ducks were neat to see too. It was a nice way to break up the long drive to SC. Thank God for travel DVD players and the annoying Wiggles!