Friday, September 19, 2008

Brayden's Birthday

Jack's friend Brayden turned 1 and had the cutest turtle themed party! Jack had so much fun playing in the ball pit and pinning the tail on the turtle.

My Little Tree Climber


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jack's First Day of School

Jack had a great first day of school! He walked right in the class and started pushing a push toy around the room. He loved fingerpainting in apple sauce and he had his first show and tell- an apple. (Of course, I have already dropped the ball as a mom by not sending an apple to school. I didn't get the email from his teacher until that day, but she brought an extra. Since he was out sick last week, I didn't get a note about it. How Sad Mommy!) He ate almost all of his lunch and played well with the other kids. When Ba went to pick him up he was sleeping soundly on his nap mat in the middle of the room with four other kids running around. They were yelling and bumping into his mat and he didn't budge. What a sleepy head! I asked Ms. H where she bought the magic wand to make my child sleep on a mat in a room full of other kids. Wow!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jack's First Longhorn Game

Jackson enjoyed his first Longhorn football game. After MomMom and Mommy took the scenic tour around the entire stadium (let's just say it was obvious that it was the first game of the year for all the employees directing people to their seats), we met back up with Daddy and Ba to see Vince Young's number retired. It was neat to be there for that and see sweet sweet Vince. Jack said "Hook 'Em" over and over and danced with the band. He only cried once in the third quarter when the entire stadium yelled at once when a receiver dropped a pass at the goal line. He was a cutie pie even though he wasn't feeling that well. We are so proud of our future Longhorn. (or whatever he chooses, but we can hope)

Meet the Teacher

Jackson had his meet the teacher last week and loved his new classroom! He ran right in and started pulling toys down and exporing the playhouse. Mrs. H is very nice and we excited for Jackson to start school this week. He had a stomach bug last week so he missed the first two classes, but he is back to his old self again. I know that Ba is excited for him to go to school. He will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2. We have to take him a little mat to sleep on. I see that going well...


Rudolf, the red nosed Jackson... Jack was left alone with his ketchup and I love the results.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Week Back

My best friends at work Amy, Lori, Liz, & Donna

Lori, Donna, Jack, & Liz enjoying some yummy food.

Well, I have finished one week at school and it went great. Except for the minor detail of my classroom and seven others being broken into. They didn't steal anything from our room, but did steal a laptop, a flat screen monitor, a digital camera and other items from other rooms. They went through all of our cabinets and we had stuff everywhere. We felt so violated!!! I am sure the thieves were upset when all they could find in my class was play-doh and paints. At least, they didn't break anything other than our doors. We couldn't get in our room until mid-morning so the police could fingerprint everything so we had a really long recess. It is just really sad that people would do such a thing. Especially to a school that really prides itself on trying to help the neighborhood and take care of its students and families. How Sad! (This is the PPCD way of laying on the guilt when you are not doing what you are supposed too. Jack is now repeating this and I think it is so funny!) Hopefully, we will get new doors soon so our kids will stop ripping through the paper we have put up temporarily. Our kiddos are wonderful!!! We have never had such an easy start of school.

Ella and Hay

Jackson had fun playing with Ella and Hayden. He said Ella perfectly and said Hay for Hayden. He said Ella about fifty times after we got home. Someone has a crush! He was not sure why Hayden kept wanted to touch his ear though and why Ella wanted the drums he was playing with. I was impressed that all he did was pout. He is not used to sharing. School is going to be a rude awakening. I am not sure who is cuter the hugger or the napper. It must be a tie. Nikki and Chris are so blessed to have such sweet little ones!

Rock Star

Caroline, her friend, and the proud Papa looking on.

Check out that guitar player!

Jack, Beau, and my awesome older and gorgeous niece,Sydney

My not so little niece Caroline is now a rock star! She attended a week long School of Rock camp in August where she had some intensive musical training. The week culminated with a concert on Greenville where she played guitar and sang in front of a packed house. It was so much fun!