Monday, January 26, 2009

Laura's Shower

Lindsey, Rebecca, Laura, and Me
The cute cake Rebecca made
The girls from our Lifegroup and playgroup had a small shower for Laura on Saturday. It was fun hanging out with the girls and Laura got some fun stuff to prepare for little Benjamin's arrival. Rebecca made the cutest cake! We are hoping to take a class together soon. I am excited to have a cake decorating buddy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ella and Hayden Turn 1

Ella and Hayden had their first birthday party last weekend. It was a really fun party! All of the kids loved the ballpit and slide that they got for their birthday. Nikki and I made the cakes and my mom and I made the cookie boquet and little crown cookies. Nikki's husband made these really cool crown boards to put the cakes on. We had so much fun! Nikki did a great job decorating the cakes!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nana and PawPaw

Jack loved having his Nana and PawPaw in town!!! He wouldn't let Nana out of his sight. They were great to take such good care of him. While they were here, I read three of the four Twilight books (and read the fourth after they left- addicted!), went to an actual movie... in the theatre, and got some shopping done. I would like to say that I took the opportunity to clean or organize my house or garage, but I just didn't. It was so nice! Jack had fun going to Walmart, the park, the soccer field, the Wiggly play center, the mall, and spending time with Nana and PawPaw. He wrestled and read books and watched his shows. He was loving life! Jack was so sad to see them leave. He cried and cried when they had to say bye and head to the airport. We can't wait to see them in three months for Jack's birthday. How is my little boy already almost two???

Merry Christmas!


Santa's letter to Jack

Jack showing Nana his new penguin.

I need some coffee! I am so tired!

Daddy looks like he could use some coffee too.

Jack loves all of the dancing decorations.

Our tree. Santa has been here.

I know it is time to eat, but I want to play!

Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Jack, Nana, and PawPaw

Jack got a guitar like his cousin Holt. A Holtar as he calls it :)

Jack loves Mr. Potato Head now!

Syd and Caroline having too much fun!

Looks yummy! Bring on the prime rib!

Jack playing with Grandma and Caroline.

Can you tell I just got the new flash and had no idea how to use it?

Syd, Beau, and Caroline

Do I have the two most gorgeous nieces or what?

What a wonderful Christmas we had!!! We are so blessed to live so close to my parents and my brother and his two daughters and it was great to spend time with them on Christmas. We are also blessed to have Adam's parents come down to visit every few months. They would not miss seeing Jackson on Christmas for anything so they were in town to join in the fun. Our "keeping it simple and not overdoing it" Christmas did not happen and my house now looks like Toys 'R Us. Jackson loves his new diner and has been "cooking" nonstop. He loved his new shopping cart (a manly red and yellow one of course) and his new airplane. He has also been playing hockey and basketball to make up for all the cooking and cleaning he has been doing. This keeps Daddy from throwing away the baby doll. He was so overwhelmed on Christmas that we stopped opening his presents and let him open a present or two a day for the next week. Jack loves his big wheel that his Aunt Sharon got him and his tent that Grandma Donna got him too. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to share the holiday season with.