Monday, November 10, 2008

Pumpkin Jack

Jack loves pumpkins! He kicks them, sits on them, falls off of them, rolls them, plays them like drums, ......

Trunk or Treat

Hook 'Em Horns!!!

Our Longhorn trunk.

Farmer Carson

Emily was the cutest goldfish around!
Andrew holding Madelyn

Pierce the Elephant

Superman Blaine

Laura, Matt, and Luke

Luke wants to be a Longhorn too!

Luke, Jen, and Caroline

The cutest farmers in town- Carson and Davis.

Zac, Ronna, Emory, and Blaine

Ronna and Emory

Jack loved the bounce house!

Grandpa and Jack had so much fun!

Emily and Lila

Mac Brown, Crazy Fan, and Colt McCoy

Briley Bee

Miranda and Audrey

Jamie and Brady Pig

Bill, Stacy, Joey and Deanna
Jeff, Angela, Kolby, and Taylor
Mac and Colt
We had a great time at Trunk or Treat this year! We decorated our trunk with a Longhorn theme. Jack was Colt McCoy and Adam was Mac Brown. I was a crazy fan and Grandma and Grandpa were fans too. Adam and his dad spray painted a field and made goal posts. We had Longhorn music blaring and ended up having to borrow jumper cables at the end of the night. Thanks Wayne! We had so much fun and are looking forward to our new Halloween tradition!

Fun with Nana and PawPaw

Can you tell he is familiar with the camara?


More pumpkin baseball PawPaw!

Jack loved hitting a craft pumpkin off his tee.

Rock Climbing

Ronna, Dawnda, Me, Lisa, Misty, and Beth

The sweaty couple



Ray and Beth

Nate and Lisa

Me and Dawnda a.k.a. SuperWoman

"I finally made it! Now how do I get down???"

This is what rock climbing is supposed to look like. Misty is the best rock climber ever!
Our Lifegroup achieved the impossible... a night out without kids! We went to the Canyons at Frisco and had a blast. I was scared the first time when I got about half way up and came back down. Once I got the hang of it, I made it to the top repeatedly. It was a great workout and I was sore the next couple of days. We had a great time!

Nana and PawPaw's Visit

Nana and PawPaw came in town and we had a great weekend! Jack loved showing off his costume and all the attention he got. The second night they were here, we attempted to go to the Frisco Fire station Trick-or-Treating, but the line was super long. We learned to be better prepared for next year and arrive earlier. Jack still enjoyed seeing the fire truck and police car and looking at all of the kids in their costumes.