Sunday, February 1, 2009

Robin's Shower

Cake after Jack dropped it!

Cake after cake surgery! Still a little messed up, but oh well!

Baby BOY Brant's Cake

Robins mom and Grandma and my mom

Court and her beautiful table set-up

Desiree and Robin

The hostesses and mother-to-be

Jess andRobin

Mike and Robin

Lauren, Baby Girl Yates, and me

The Berkner Girls Blinded by the Sun
Robin, Desiree, me, Courtney, Lauren, Nikki, Gina, and Jessica
Robin's shower went really well. The punch was tasty, the food was yummy, and the cake was pretty decent if I do say so myself. Robin is one of my best friends from high school and college and she is expecting her first baby. A BOY! She was told it was a girl and we sent out shower invitations for a girl. Robin registered for a girl, bought bedding and other items for a girl, and bonded with a baby girl for two months before finding out that she is having a boy. What a shock! She is very happy to have a boy and has adjusted fabulously to the change.
It was great to see Robin's family and friends! Our friend Desiree came down from Oklahoma and it was so fun hanging out with her! It is so hard to make the time to spend time with girlfriends and I really need to do better.
I made the cake for the party. My first stacked cake and what an experience! I learned a very important lesson: NEVER turn your back on your toddler when there is a cake around! I made the mistake of putting the top layer's cake carrier on the coffee table while I put the bottom layer in a box and loaded my car. As I was walking back in I hear a bang and turn the corner find Jackson pushing the cake carrier across the wood floor like he is pushing a truck. The bang was my dearest angel throwing the cake off the coffee table and onto the floor. I couldn't even say anything and promptly started laughing hysterically! All that time and effort and I thought it would be a great idea to put the cake in the hands of Jack- what a dummy! At least it didn't topple over completely so I was able to do some serious cake surgery once I got to Courtney's house and it turned out okay. It was a little slanted and messed up, but only appropriate for Robin to see that her baby boy will soon be a toddler and get into everything like my little one.

Lex's Birthday

Lex had his first birthday party at the coolest place. I think it was called My Gym in Frisco. It was so much fun! Jackson had a blast!

First Time Ice Skating

Jack had a great time ice skating! His jacket was too bulky to wear and his shirt kept coming up so we learned a lesson for our next trip. We only stayed for about thirty minutes which was about twenty nine minutes longer than I needed to see that I do not need to be on ice skates. I never was a good skater, but after a knee surgery and multiple knee injuries it is not a good plan. I was so bad Adam had to hold my arm if I wasn't next to the wall (which I was whenever possible). I was scared I was going to drop the camera, trash my knee, and fall on Jack all at the same time. Next trip, I will have to be the camera person wearing shoes.